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Learn About Hoop Buildings

Hoop buildings or, as we call them, hoop barns, are technically labeled Fabric Tension Buildings or Tensile Structures.These buildings are also sometimes called Membrane Structure Buildings or fabric/membrane arch buildings.

Our hoop barns consist of a heavy-duty steel frame with a sturdy plastic fabric canvas stretched tightly over them. Our hoop buildings have been painstakingly engineered to meet or exceed specific snow and wind loads. A hoop barn can be built much quicker and at less cost than a conventional barn and may also have taxation anddepreciation advantages.

If you have more questions about hoops, please feel free to use our contact form or perhaps these links might have your answer:

Our company, Kaufman Konstruction, LLC, builds all types of agricultural buildings. Hoop barns, although normally the cheapest per square foot, are not always the best solution for our customers’ needs.

If a building is not intended for livestock housing and, instead, may contain shop or office space, we often recommend something other than a hoop for the ease of insulating.

However, if your hoop building use is for a barn or cold storage, a hoop shed is by far the economical choice for you.

There are so many potential cost savings with a hoop shed over most conventional buildings that it’s hard to know where to start.

  •  The cost of hoop buildings is far less than conventional barns or even pole barns. Hoop barn cost per square foot can be less than half of other buildings. 
  • Construction cost of a hoop building is another big plus. Hoop barns, depending on size, can be erected in a matter of hours or, at most, days. Many people DIY hoop building construction. Putting up a hoop barn saves both time and $.
  • Almost zero maintenance costs in time or money. Once erected the only maintenance necessary is occasionally checking cover tension. Twenty years down the road, when you may have to replace your cover, you’ll find that the cost to replace your whole building cover is about the same as replacing shingles or tin on a similar sized building but the labor cost is a mere fraction of other buildings. 
  • You should ask your tax professional about possible state and federal tax savings on a hoop building. 

All of our hoop barns are fully covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

All of our Rushmore buildings are fully 100% guaranteed for 3 years. Our truss buildings are then covered with a prorated warranty for a total of 15 years and our mono-tube buildings for a total of 5 years.

To download a copy of the Manufacturer Warranty, click the link below.

Mono-tube Building Warranty

Truss Building Warranty

standard hoop barn colorsOur hoopbarns are available in White, Blue, Green, Red, Sandstone, Grey, Silver, Brown, and Fog or combinations of these colors. Custom stripes are available free.

Custom Logo Covers are also available. Please call for more information.

Our standard building covers are high density polyethylene woven fabric. This fabric is 12.5 oz, with long-term UV protection for a long life.

We also have fire-resistant and fire-proof covers available. Please call us to ask about these.

Hoop barns are better for almost all types of livestock. There, we said it. Now, what do we mean and why do we think so?

Hoop housing is definitely better than outside confinement. Several universities and state extensions have studied this in depth.

The major reason hoop buildings are better for livestock than other buildings is air circulation. Air circulation is a key factor in animal health and by their “no corners design” hoop buildings promote good air flow to your livestock. 

The difficulty in building a hoop shed depends almost entirely on the size. Small mono-tube buildings are well within the reach of the average farmer/handyman and require only a few hand tools to assemble. The hardest part of these smaller hoops is building the pony wall that it will sit on.

Large fabric tension buildings are also easy to build, they come with complete instructions and bolt together like an erector set. However, larger truss buildings do require adequate foundations and equipment that will allow you to work safely high in the air. For these reasons, we recommend a professional builder.

Because we sell so many different hoop barns, each building we sell is custom made.

Most times of the year, we can custom build your hoop building in 3 to 4 weeks. Depending upon where you live, it can take another week or two to deliver it.

Spring and late summer are our busy times and it can take twice as long to get your building. This can also be true of particularly large buildings.

Kaufman Konstruction, LLC has been in the hoop building business since 2000. We know hoop buildings. We’ve been selling them online for 20 years.

We have sold many brands of hoops in our time and we feel the Rushmore buildings we are selling here are the best buildings for hoop barns. They are built heavier yet priced more economically than any of the competition that we know of.

We are a high-volume dealer so we are able to get a great discount on our buildings. We pass that discount along to our customers. Enough said?

Learn About Our Company

Kaufman Konstruction, LLC has been doing business in South Dakota, DL009566, since 2000. We are a member-managed limited liability company specializing in agricultural construction and sales of hoop buildings.

We operated the website hoopbuilding.com from 2002 until 2016 and sold many fabric buildings all over the USA. In 2017, we’ve decided to narrow our focus to only ag buildings, like poly barn and livestock shelters, so we are now hoopbarn.com, your permanent and portable canvas building center.

We are a small company doing sometimes very large livestock shelters and equipment sheds. In all of our years in business, we’ve adhered to the principal of “customer service first” and we’ve never had a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau or other entity that we know of. We’ve consistently delivered on our promise that “you can’t buy a better building for less money”.

& Suppliers

We now sell primarily Rushmore Buildings as we find they are one of the best engineered hoop buildings we have ever found. They are reasonably priced too!

If you’d like to visit their website to see why we think they’re so good, they’re right here

We do recommend that you come back to this website to purchase your hoop shelter. We are a volume dealer with a good discount and we pass that discount along to our customers.

Also, we do occasionally recommend another brand of hoop or even another type of building if we feel that it better suits our customers’ needs.

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