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About Our Company

Wonder Wyant has been selling and building hoop buildings since 2000. As the sales manager for Kaufman Konstruction, LLC, she operated the website from 2002 until 2016 and sold many fabric buildings all over the USA.

In 2017, we decided to narrow our focus to only ag buildings, like poly barn and livestock shelters, and so became, your permanent and portable canvas building center.

In 2023, it’s become time to separate the building of barns from the sales before the bookkeeper just quits. Mark Kaufman will continue on as master builder on the construction and service side as Kaufman Konstruction, LLC.

On the sales and ecommerce side, Nate Wyant has joined Wonder in Infinite Earth, LLC and we continue our long tradition of “customer first” sales.

We remain committed to our promise that “you can’t buy a better building for less money”. We are a volume dealer with a good discount and we pass that discount along to our customers.

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