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Cover Worksheet

Replacement Cover Worksheet

We realize there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to covers so we ask that you fill out the form below as completely and accurately as you can. With good measurements, we can make a cover to fit any brand hoop building. The length and width of your actual cover and not the building are the most critical measurements. We appreciate your help with this.

After you submit your completed form, you should have a written quote for your new cover within a day or two. If you have questions about this form, please give us a call at 888-497-1088.

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    About Your Cover

    Measure at the bottom of the building frame, outside to outside.


    Tie-down straps/winches

    Measure from the bottom of the pipe pocket, up and over to the bottom of the pipe pocket on the other side.

    If the building is large, you may have to throw a rope over and mark and measure the rope.

    If yours is a ponywall building as pictured and you have outside ratchets, how far does the pipe come down the sidewall? 8" is typical.

    If your cover goes to ground level and you have inside ratchets, measure the flap of fabric below the pipe pocket if it exists. Standard is 18".

    Measure the pipes from center to center. If this measure differs in your building, we will need to know where and those measurements also.

    Measure the cover overhang on both ends. They should be the same. If they are not, give us the average.

    Your Cover Choices

    We have many cover material choices here at the Hoop Barn including fire resistant. Ask us for guidance if needed.

    Our Standard - 15 Year cover is 12.5 ounce double woven 24 mil thick material designed to be rip proof. Both sides of the fabric have a 2.5 mil polyethylene coating for improved abrasion resistance and wearability. The outside receives yet another top coat for UV resistance that also defeats mold and mildew. This is a good cover choice for many buildings.

    The Elite - 20 year cover has a better yet top coating than our standard fabric. This improves the UV resistance as well as making the cover smoother and more slippery. This is a great advantage in heavy snow areas as the snow slides right off. For a very few dollars more, you get a better performing, longer lasting cover. The Elite cover does not offer the color red.

    We also offer various fire resistant fabrics, keder panels and other options. If one of these is selected we will try to contact you personally to assist you.

    Cover Color/Colors

    The lighter the color, the longer it lasts. We recommend white.

    Main Cover Color

    Cover Trim Color (6' at ends)

    End-to-end (Lateral) Tensioning

    This is how your cover attaches to your outside rafters. We're sold on PVC pipe and ratchets for ease of installation and maintenance. We do not offer grommets and rope, the best we can do is D-rings and you'll need to give us the spacing.

    We appreciate knowing any further details about your cover needs so please use the message box to tell us about additional details. It would be most helpful if you send us pictures of your hoop too. Please email these separately to:

    Thank You!
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    Marion, SD, USA

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