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What is a pony wall?

We are often asked why a hoop building needs a pony wall when someone doesn’t have any horses? First, to explain what a pony wall

Laying out your hoop building

Getting your  layout square and to the correct dimensions is key to building a hoop building successfully. It is easier than you think if you

Hoop Barns for Hay Storage

click to enlarge Stacking 5′ Round Bales click to enlarge Stacking 6′ Round Bales Get a Quote on This Building Use Hoop Buildings for Hay

Siting A Hoop Building

Building a Hoop Barn 5 Easy Steps to Site Your Hoop Building Today we are going to start our new series on building a hoop

Extended Sale

We have extended our sale that was ending today until May 31, 2020 in view of the current pandemic and economic uncertainty.


We’d like to welcome you to our freshly redesigned website. We’ve added some new features we hope you’ll like. You can now get a quote

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