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Hoop Barn riding arena with stable

The Benefits of Hoop Buildings for Your Riding Arena

A hoop barn is a versatile and affordable structure that can provide your riding arena with year-round protection and comfort. We’d like to talk about the benefits of a hoop arena as a building solution for an indoor horse riding arena. We’ve done some of the research about what sizes to consider for an indoor […]

Cows sheltering in the hoop barn during the snow storm

How to Raise Cattle in a Hoop Barn for Maximum Efficiency

Cattle farming is a rewarding and profitable business, but it requires careful planning. To get the most out of your investment, you need to ensure that your animals are comfortable and safe. That’s why many farmers are turning to hoop barns to protect their livestock from the elements and maximize efficiency. In this article, we’ll […]

custom hoop building price

Hoop Building Prices

Why don’t we have hoop building prices? That’s a question we are often asked. We have dozens of buildings and an infinite number of sizes in those buildings, Taking into account all the possible combinations of options, we have millions of buildings. While we’d like to have a page on our website for every building, […]

custom hoop building price

What is a pony wall?

We are often asked why a hoop building needs a pony wall when someone doesn’t have any horses? Okay, that’s kind of a joke but you do need a pony wall with most hoop buildings. First, to explain what a pony wall is as far as a hoop barn, the pony wall is what makes […]

triangle layout method

Laying out your hoop building

Laying out your hoop building and getting it square and to the correct dimensions is key to building a hoop barn successfully. It is easier than you think if you prepare in advance using one (we use both) of the  methods shown below. The first method is known as the “3:4:5 Triangle Method” and the […]

Stacking 5 foot round bales

Hoop Barns for Hay Storage

Stacking 5′ Round Bales Stacking 6′ Round Bales Get a Quote on This Building Use Hoop Buildings for Hay Storage Why store hay in a barn? Hoop buildings make great hay barns! A bale barn is the best place to store hay according to many agricultural university studies. Depending upon where you live, hay stored […]

choose a building site

Siting A Hoop Building

Building a Hoop Barn 5 Easy Steps to Choose a Great Site for Your Hoop Building Hoop barns are quite easy and economical to build and the first step in building a hoop building is choosing a good site. Siting a hoop building is not hard, we’ll walk you through it. We will also publish […]

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