Hoop Barns for Hay Storage

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Stacking 5' Round Bales

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Stacking 6' Round Bales

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Use Hoop Buildings for Hay Storage

Why store hay in a barn?

A covered barn is the best place to store hay according to many university studies. According to where you live, hay stored under cover can have as much as 25% more feed value. Whether you are feeding your hay or selling it, that feed value loss can have huge economic consequences.

Why use a hoop barn for hay?

A hoop building for hay storage is much quicker and cheaper to build than a pole type hay barn. Many hay producers see payback within a year or two. A livestock operation might have a little harder time measuring the benefits of barn hay storage but they are definitely going to see them in both the quantity of feed consumed and the quality of their livestock.

How many bales can you store in a hoop building?

How much hay you can put in a hoop barn depends largely on three factors; the size of the hoop shed, the size of the bales and your equipment. 

You can store the most hay if it’s not baled at all, just packed in a pile. However, forking hay out of a barn isn’t for everyone. Next up for hay storage efficiency is small squares. You can stack a lot of small bales in any barn but not everyone needs these anymore either.

When it come to how many large, round bales you can store in a hoop building, much depends on your equipment. You’ll need to know the actual diameter of what’s coming out of your baler as well as how high you’re able to stack. Then, as illustrated in the pictures above, it becomes pretty simple to figure how many round bales in a “layer” in your width building. Most bales are 5 feet wide so you multiply your “layer” number by 5 and you will know how long a hoop building you will need to store all of your bales. 

Large square bales can also be stored in a fabric barn. It will again depend on their size and stacking.

We are hoop building dealers.

If you need a hoop building for a hay barn or have any questions about them, give us a call.

We love our Rushmore engineered fabric tension buildings and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about them. Call us 1-888-497-1088.


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Hoop Barns for Hay Storage

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