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Building a Hoop Barn

5 Easy Steps to Choose a Great Site for Your Hoop Building

choose a building site

Hoop barns are quite easy and economical to build and the first step in building a hoop building is choosing a good site. Siting a hoop building is not hard, we’ll walk you through it.

We will also publish more erection instructions and tips in this builder series.

We are going to assume you have a basic idea of the size and style of hoop shed you want and perhaps need some guidance on where to site your hoop barn for best performance.

  1. Zoning

    Before you decide to build any new structure on your farm, you need to become aware of your area’s zoning requirements and the lay of your land.  Even though fabric tension buildings are now widely accepted by zoning boards, you may have to make others aware of what they even are.

    You will also need to know the true boundaries of your property including existing utilities and drainage areas before you start digging. Property easements, shared driveways,  public and private utilities and existing structures will also dictate the siting of your hoop building. Don’t skip this step as zoning violations can bring construction of any building to a screeching halt!

  2. Location

    Another thing to consider is your general geographic location. If you are farther South where the winters are mild and the summers are brutal, you have different needs than someone building a barn farther North. In the South, you’re want to locate to catch as much of the prevailing breeze in the summers as you can. Hoop buildings have great natural ventilation, enjoy it.

    Up North, it’s just the opposite. You will want to protect your hoop building from as much of the cold winter wind as you can. If you don’t know which way the wind blows, there are many maps available on the Internet, including here.

  3. Proximity

    In considering your hoop shed’s proximity to other things. In the South the biggest reason is simply that you will need to be able to access all sides of your building for occasional maintenance. Up North, building a hoop building is a different story, once again. You do not want to locate your hoop shed so close to another building, shelter belt or anything else that it causes snow to build up on the sides of your building. Leave some breathing room between so snow can slide off your pe fabric building like it’s supposed to.

  4. Site

    Another very important factor in siting a hoop building and deciding where it should go is the site itself. The best location is level, a high spot with drainage away from your hoop and soil that is not rocky and doesn’t have other natural obstructions. Yeah, I know. If you find that place send me a postcard.

    Many building sites will require some machine preparation. If this is your situation, make sure the dirt work’s within either your abilities or your budget. On the other hand, hoop buildings are flexible and can be designed to work almost anywhere. One of the first hoop barns we built was on a concrete wall higher than I could reach on one end and less than recommended on the other. It’s still doing fine 21 years later.

  5. Enjoyment

    Siting for your convenience and enjoyment is also essential. Consider if you want to be able to see your barn from your kitchen window or if you want it downwind from the house. A little thought beforehand will increase your value of the building for years to come. Building a hoop building is easy, quick and economical.

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